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SME Web Services are a small proactive web design and hosting business. The team is able to work with you from website inception right up until the go live date. We understand small business and are able to work with small business and medium enterprises to ensure that they are receiving the best possible advice, service and response. We can host your website in Australia and can also offer advice on system automation and business processes. The team always communicate in terms and language that you can understand whether you are an IT pro or a PC novice.

Built for multiple platforms

A responsive web design will ensure a seamless user experience for your customers across all platforms and devices.

Up front package pricing

Our team will work with you to understand your needs and requirements and will be able to offer a clearly defined up front quote for work to be done. No hidden surprises at the end of the project.

Language you can understand

David is a seasoned IT professional and as such is able to explain all aspects of your web hosting and design in clear language that can be easily understood. No more technical jargon that is hard to understand in response to your enquiries.

Get the website that best suits your business

Our initial discussions will centre around exactly what sort of website your business needs. Is it a simple brand page? An e-commerce site? A detailed source of information for potential clients? Pay only for what you need.


SME web services has a team with diverse skills and backgrounds.

David McKean

David McKean


David has been involved in Sales and Marketing roles for major IT vendors for the past 15 years.  For the last 12 months he has been running his own businesses and found that there were few web designers in the marketplace that can speak the plain language that many small business owners need to hear.  He has many friends that are business owners and after having many of them call him for help and assistance with their IT and web design needs decided to start SME Web Services.  His goal is to help more small business owners understand exactly what there website is doing and how it can be improved.
Lady Love Lorion

Lady Love Lorion

Senior Web Developer

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Our sites are built primarily utilising WordPress.  Why?

No ongoing costs

WordPress is free to install and run.  You will not be charged for word press.  This platform is capable of all designs including e-commerce.

*There are potentially additional charges for any add ons you require.


Simple back end

Would you like the ability to quickly update a photo on your website? With our training and the easy to navigate WordPress system you will be able to make minor changes on your own.

Easy to Maintain and Update

As a part of our package we will help you understand the website admin area and be able to make minor updates and changes to your website. We can give more detailed training if you would like to self manage your website moving forward.


There are many web designers and site hosting companies out there.  Why choose us?

Superior Support

Our team understands that the creation of your website is just the beginning of your journey into the online space.  We are here to help and assist as your business grows and evolves.

Graphic Design

Does your logo or general business theme need updating?  Our team can work with you to update and modernise your business Logo and artwork.

Superior Knowledge

Our team has a diverse and complementary background.  Our ability to help you extends beyond a web site and general advice can be offered on IT infrastructure, communications equipment, business processes.  We hope to not just design your website but also be a part of your trusted advisor team.