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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create my website?
Depending on the complexity of the website build and the availability of all required information we aim for the following timelines: Splash Page – 5 working days, Basic Website – 10 working days, E-commerce site – 12 working days.
Am I locked into a contract?
We do not believe in locking in our clients to long term contracts. We believe there is no need as you will be happy with the service support and product we deliver and hence have no reason to move anywhere else.
Will I own my domain name?
Yes. Again we do not believe in registering your business domain name under our business. This is your intellectual property and you should have the rights to it. We can help you in the process of purchasing and registering your domain name but we would ask that you complete the transaction so that you are the owner.
What if I wish to move hosting providers?
We will help you with a download of your website that you are welcome to host on any other hosting service. We will walk you through the process of archiving your emails so that you do not lose any information. Again we believe that you will not wish to leave our family however if you do we will help make the move as painless as possible.
What about Updates?
We can certainly assist you with post creation updates. Business is fluid and requirements and products change. We will assist you to understand the backend of your website so that you can make minor updates. We would not want you to be able to damage the integrity of the website so will not allow too much access however as your skill improves we can release the restrictions. If the update is a major update or requires some specialist knowledge we will be happy to work out a quote for you.
Are you based in Australia?
David is based in Brisbane. Eugene and Lala are based in the Philippines. The team have been working together for over four years and are very efficient in communicating changes and updates. The main point of contact is David.
What is my email mailbox size limit?
Our email service is based on the IMAP system. We generally limit mailboxes to 2GB in size however for special requests we can change. It is always a good idea to ensure that your inbox is cleaned regularly and archived to ensure the performance of your PC. We are happy to show you how to do this.
Can I make changes myself?
Yes the wordpress back end system is very user friendly. We will instruct you on how to make minor changes and we are always only a phone call or email away if you forget how to do something. We utilise video conferencing extensively and are available at scheduled times to have a video call where we can share and even control your screen to show you how to perform simple updates.